What is entropion?

Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid (usually the lower lid) folds inwards. A consequence of entropion is continuous irritation of the conjunctiva and cornea by abnormally arranged eyelashes, eye pain, inflammation, excessive lacrimation and deterioration of visual acuity. Prolonged entropion leads to corneal ulceration and degenerative changes.

The most common cause is eye ageing, which makes the palpebral ligaments get flabby, and the orbicularis oculi muscle bulges anteriorly. A less frequent cause is scarring after an injury, burning or surgical procedure. Entropion may also be a congenital anomaly.

This condition is treated by surgery. Qualification for the surgical procedure involves assessment of the degree of the eyelid folding and of the flaccidity of palpebral ligaments. On this basis, the method of repair is selected. Acute symptoms related to direct eye irritation by the eyelashes may be mitigated until the time of the surgery with appropriate ointments, lubricating and protective agents and/or by application of therapeutic contact lenses. In the case of mild entropion without ligament flaccidity, so called transverse inverted sutures may be applied; they are absorbable and do not require removal. The effect of such procedure, however, is not long lasting. In other cases, surgical procedures are used:

  • by Wies method, involving a full thickness eyelid incision and rotation with the use of inverted sutures;
  • by Quckert method, which combines inversion and shortening of the eyelids, and corrects the horizontal eyelid flaccidity; this procedure is the most time consuming, but its effect are long lasting.

After the procedure, a dressing and ointments with antibiotic are applied. Skin sutures are removed after 7-10 days, and absorbable sutures are left for spontaneous absorption.


Entropion results from weakening of the palpebral ligament tension and gradual regression of the lower lid tissues. It may also result from an injury, inflammation or a surgical procedure. It involves inward folding of the eyelid margin towards the eyeball, resulting in corneal irritation with the eyelashes. It is painful and problematic for the patient; therefore, the procedures are usually treated as urgent. Predicted waiting time for urgent cases is about 5 weeks. For stable cases, this would be 12 weeks.

Eyelid plastic surgeries are performed at OCHO under local anaesthesia as one-day procedure. The patient stays at the Centre in relation to the procedure for up to 3 hours. After he/she receives a hospital discharge summary, the patient may leave the hospital.

After the plastic surgery, dressings are applied on the eyelids, so you should not drive a car.

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