OCHO Medical Group of Professor Zagórski

Eye Surgery Centre
in Kraków


Eye Surgery Centre of Professor Zagórski in Kraków


7C Solskiego Street
31-216 Kraków

Working hours of the OCHO centre in Kraków

  • Monday7:30 - 19:00
  • Tuesday7:30 - 17:00
  • Wednesday7:30 - 19:00
  • Thursday7:30 - 19:00
  • Friday7:30 - 17:00
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed

You can find us here: 7C Solskiego Street

Know OCHO Kraków

We have been in Kraków since 2008. We offer ophthalmological services based on knowledge and experience of the best specialists, and an unlimited access to the latest and safe medical technologies. In OCHO Kraków, we have opened the first in Poland Dry Eye Clinic, where we diagnose and treat patients with Dry Eye Syndrome. Our quality is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, awarded by an independent certifying company – ICVC Certyfikacja Sp. z o.o.

At OCHO Kraków, we perform a full range of ophthalmological services; in two buildings located at Solskiego Street, we have diagnostic offices and a modern operating suite. Patients may choose free services, provided under an agreement with the National Health Fund, and services from a wide commercial offer. The scope of our services includes specialist consultations in an outpatient setting, surgical procedures, intravitreal injections, laser therapy and treatment programme for neovascular (exudative) form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

  • diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma (HRT, visual field, gonioscopy, pachymetry, OCT tnII, TA, iridotomy, laser SLT)
  • diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases (OCT, laser treatment of retina)
  • diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome (keratography, confocal microscopy of cornea, testing for demodex, Schirmer test, unclogging meibomian glands)
  • treatment of secondary cataract with YAG laser (capsulotomy)
  • cataract removal procedures – individual selection of the lens from a rich offer of Premium lenses
  • vitrectomy – complete diagnosis, consultations and procedures
  • removal of tumours, chalazion, pterygium, cutaneous horn, papilla, cyst, and eyelid or conjunctival lesions
  • intravitreal injections



All the patients who use OCHO services in Kraków, Rzeszów, Lublin, Lubartów, Nałęczów, Zwoleń and Nowy Sącz are requested to rate our activities. Each opinion is the best motivation for changes and inspiration for development. Knowing your expectations, we can modify our services; accepting your criticism, we can eliminate our weaknesses. So we ask – rate OCHO!

98% of our patients declare full satisfaction with the treatment effects and with medical standards at OCHO
As many as 91% of new patients find OCHO thanks to recommendations of our services by family or friends
these are assets of OCHO, most frequently indicated by patients in surveys

Price list valid since 1 November 2022.

Scope of services and cost of commercial procedures at OCHO Kraków


First ophthalmological visit

220 PLN

Next ophthalmological visit (within 12 months)

200 PLN

Retinal consultation (with OCT/ultrasound)

250 PLN

Professor’s consultation

350 PLN

Selection of corrective glasses 

100 PLN

Follow-up professor visit (within 6 months)

200 PLN

Qualification for cataract 

250 PLN

Qualification for injection

250 PLN

Next qualification for injection

150 PLN

Oculoplastic qualification

200 PLN

Qualification for vitrectomy

250 PLN

Qualifications for phakic lens implantation

250 PLN

Qualification for vitreolysis

300 PLN

Control I (cataract surgery, vitrectomy)

free of charge

Control II (cataract surgery, vitrectomy)

free of charge

Control III (cataract surgery, vitrectomy)

200 PLN

Follow-up visit (within 2 months) 

100 PLN


Fluorescein angiography

350 PLN

OCT(both eyes) 

180 PLN

Measurement of the intraocular pressure (tonometry)

50 PLN

Visual field examination

100 PLN


 200 PLN (1 eye)
250 PLN (both eyes)


100 PLN


100 PLN

Demodex test

100 PLN


50 PLN

Corneal topography

100 PLN


120 PLN (1 eye) 150 PLN (both eyes)

Eye ultrasound

120 PLN (1 eye) 200 PLN (both eyes)



from 3,000 PLN to 7,300 PLN

Basic vitrectomy

4,900 PLN

Vitrectomy with the use of decalin or silicone oil

6,500 PLN

Vitrectomy and cataract

4,900 PLN to 6,500 PLN + 1,000 PLN

Avastin injections

599 PLN

Eylea injections

1699 PLN

Vabysmo injection

3,000 PLN

Lucentis injection

1,799 PLN

Triamcinolone injection

700 PLN

Bevou injection

1,999 PLN

Ozurdex injection

5,800 PLN

Removal of chalazion / lesion

700 PLN


1,500 PLN


1,500 PLN

Enucleation + intraorbital implant 

6,000 PLN

Procedure on the eyelid after enucleation

2,000 PLN

Extensive reconstruction changes of eyelids

2,500 PLN

Removal of pterygium

1,300 PLN

Removal of xanthelasmas

1,000 PLN

Removal of foreign body

200 PLN

Removal of sutures (eyelids/ocular adnexa) 

50 PLN

Peribulbar subconjunctival injection 

100 PLN

Lacrimal irrigation

150 PLN

Lacrimal probing (with patency restoration) 

350 PLN

Procedures on the lacrimal duct with implant 

1,200 PLN

Lacrimal plasty 

1,000 PLN

Palpebral fissure shortening

1,200 PLN

Procedure on eyelids with lagophthalmos 

1,200 PLN

Procedure in ptosis: frontalis suspension (both eyes), shortening of the levator palpebrae muscle

3,600 PLN

Mullerectimia/ Ptosis (both eyes) 

3,600 PLN

Mullerectimia/ Ptosis (one eye)

2,520 PLN

Removal of lesions: nodules, cysts, warts, sebaceous cysts (with a histopathology examination)

1,200 PLN

Removal of small lesions on eyelids and conjunctiva - one eye (with a histopathological examination)

900 PLN

Removal of a large eyelid lesion (tumours with a histopathological examination)

1,600 PLN

Lacrimal plasty

1,000 PLN

Blepharoplasty (both eyes)

4,500 PLN

Blepharoplasty (1 eye)

3,300 PLN

YAG laser (capsulotomy)

360 PLN

Laser iridotomy - IRT

360 PLN

Retinal laser

400 PLN

CFC laser

800 PLN (1 eye) 1200 PLN (both eyes) another procedure 400 PLN

E-Eye laser

360 PLN

SLT laser

360 PLN

Vitreolysis - removal of floaters

1,200 PLN

Certificate on the patient's request

30 PLN

Issuance of e-prescription, e-leave, e-order for supply of medical devices

50 PLN

Consultation of dry eye – (includes examination with a keratograph)

250 PLN

Restoring patency of meibomian glands with the use of the Maskin probe

300 PLN

Massage cleaning eye margins – THE NEW!*

100 PLN - first, 150 PLN - another, 400 PLN - package of 3 procedures

Complex examination of dry eye - examination with a keratograph 

150 PLN

Closure of lacrimal point – 3-month plugs (one eye) 

300 PLN

Closure of lacrimal point – 2-year plugs (both eyes) 

500 PLN

Test Packages

OCT package: (macular OCT, optic disc OCT)

250 PLN

RETINA PACKAGE basic (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, OCT)

280 PLN

RETINA PACKAGE extended (AMD package): (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, fundus photography and/or autofluorescence, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, OCT, Angio-OCT)

360 PLN

GLAUCOMA PACKAGE (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, autorefractometry, pressure measurement, pachymetry, perimetry, assessment of the iridocorneal angle, optic disc OCT, macular OCT with glaucoma analysis) – visual field examination is performed on a different day

390 PLN

DIABETES PACKAGE: (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, fundus photography, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, OCT, Angio-OCT)

350 PLN

DIABETES PAKIET extended: (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, fundus photography and/or autofluorescence, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, OCT, Angio-OCT)

420 PLN

DRY EYE PACKAGE: (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, Schirmer test, OSDI questionnaire)

250 PLN

DRY EYE PACKAGE extended: (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, Schirmer test, 5M keratograph or OSA – tear and ocular surface analysis, OSDI questionnaire)

300 PLN

PREGNANCY PACKAGE: (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, pachymetry, examination for dry eye)

250 PLN

PREGNANCY PACKAGE extended: (slit lamp examination + fundoscopic examination, autorefractometry, measurement of intraocular pressure, pachymetry, macular OCT, examination for dry eye, fundus photography)

320 PLN

Lenses for cataract removal surgeries


Standard lens 

3,200 PLN

Alcon Clareon

4,400 PLN

Alcon Acrysof IQ

4,400 PLN

Hoya iSert white

3,700 PLN

Hoya iSert yellow

4,000 PLN

Zeiss Lucia white

3,800 PLN

Zeiss Lucia yellow

4,100 PLN

Rayner RayOne Hydrophobic

3,700 PLN


Alcon Acrysof Toric yellow

4,500 PLN

Hoya Vivinex Toric

4,400 PLN

Zeiss AT Torbi

4,400 PLN

Rayner RayOne Toric

4,300 PLN


Acunex Vario

4,700 PLN

Alcon Vivity

6,300 PLN

J&J Tecnis Eyhance

4,400 PLN

Topcon Lentis Comfort

4,500 PLN

Zeiss AT Lara

5,500 PLN

RayOne EMV

4,000 PLN


Acunex Vario Toric

5,700 PLN

Alcon Vivity Toric

7,300 PLN

J&J Tecnis Eyhance Toric

5,400 PLN

Topcon Lentis Comfort Toric

5,500 PLN

Zeiss AT Lara Toric

6,500 PLN


Acunex Vario Max 

5,000 PLN

Topcon Lentis M+

4,900 PLN


Acunex Vario Max Toric

6,700 PLN

Topcon Lentis M+ Toric

6,700 PLN


Alcon Panoptix

6,300 PLN

Rayner RayOne Trifocal

6,100 PLN

Zeiss Lisa Tri

6,200 PLN


Alcon Panoptix Toric

7,300 PLN

Rayner RayOne Trifocal Toric

6,500 PLN

Zeiss Lisa Tri Toric

6,900 PLN


J&J Tecnis Synergy

6,700 PLN


J&J Tecnis Synergy II Toric

7,400 PLN

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