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We invite doctors running ophthalmological offices to extend their offer of services, by undertaking cooperation with OCHO Medical Group. We present a clear form of business relations available in two variants.


An ophthalmologist interested in the cooperation with the Medical Group of Professor Zagórski runs their office as before, in an unchanged identification formula, and as part of an open partnership they receive:

  • quick and extensive diagnostics of their patients, conducted at all OCHO centres, as part of which we guarantee priority dates of service provision, as well as convenient and quick transfer of diagnostic results available for the cooperating doctor
  • participation in conferences and training sessions in the form available for the OCHO Medical Group doctors
  • access to OCHO expert case-conferences, enabling consultations of especially difficult cases
  • guarantee that the patient will continue treatment at the office of the cooperating doctor
grupa medyczna ocho


An ophthalmologist interested in the cooperation with the Medical Group of Professor Zagórski accepts OCHO branding allowing for the conditions of the doctor’s individual practice, which enables inclusion of the office in the strategy of joint activities, and after 12 months of cooperation makes it easy for the doctor to build their own brand with the use of the potential and reputation of OCHO Medical Group. In the extended model of cooperation, the doctor receives:

gabinet okulistyczne ocho
okulista rzeszów
  • all the benefits of Variant I
  • free rebranding process with a package of marketing activities conducted by OCHO Medical Group.
  • free activities regarding promotion of the doctor's office at the website and SM of OCHO Group.
  • regular telephone contact with the BOP coordinator at OCHO
  • possibility of free connection of the doctor's office to the OCHO Unison software and ensuring a safe, encrypted link for data transfer. The above solution enables import of results and quick exchange of patient information, with viewing medical records from any level of provided medical services. PLEASE NOTE: for the proposed solution, an optical fibre line with an additional line as backup for the basic solution (e.g. mobile LTE) is preferred.
  • possibility to use the Call Center service (internal OCHO structure), which ensure professional communication with the patient and relieves the doctor from tasks of reception service or the necessity to employ personnel.
  • possibility to use treatment equipment
  • professional assistance with regard to accounting service
  • Higher cost-effectiveness for the purchase of medical materials and purchase of necessary equipment (possibility to use price lists negotiated for and by OCHO Group)
  • participation in internal OCHO training sessions and access to informational and educational materials; possibility to receive grant-aid from the OCHO Educational Foundation
  • guarantee that the patient will continue treatment at the office of the cooperating doctor

Anyone interested in the cooperation with OCHO Medical Group is invited to contact:

Maciej Zagórski – President of OCHO Management Board

Assets of OCHO Medical Group

Modern diagnostic resources

Patients treated at private offices and other medical institutions are referred by their ophthalmologist to perform specialist diagnostics at OCHO Centres!

International staff of specialists

Our doctors use the experience and expert knowledge of Professors from Germany, the United States and Israel. This maintains good dynamics of development at OCHO and results in a low level of postoperative complications.

Highest ratings and recommendations of OCHO

We are distinguished by the quality of services and above-standard level of care, which results in the fact that 98% of patients gives OCHO centres the highest ratings and recommends our services to their family and friends. Professionalism and kindness are assets of OCHO, most frequently indicated by patients in anonymous satisfaction studies.

Financial stability, recognisable brand, strategy of development

The OCHO team consists of more than 200 specialists in the field of ophthalmology, medical care, management, branding and communication. Together we build a strong ophthalmological brand in Poland.

Extensive scholarship and grant programmes

OCHO Educational Foundation finances training and educational projects which enable doctors to improve their qualifications and participate in international ophthalmological projects.

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