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Examination of eyelashes for demodex infestation

A microbiological examination of eyelashes for demodex infestation involves collection of a few eyelashes or eyebrows from the patient, which are then examined under a microscope. The result is usually obtained after 10-15 minutes.

Demodex is the name for microscopic mites (up to 0.4 mm) which settle on the eyelid margins and cause a number of skin problems, including unpleasant eye conditions. Skin signs of infection usually include acne rosacea or seborrhoeic dermatitis. As regards the eyes, the patient may have sensation of dryness, eyelid itching, swelling and burning. The symptoms are often mistaken for allergic reactions or eye fatigue.


In most cases, yes. If the doctor decides that some additional examinations are necessary, they may be performed during the visit, or if the doctor does not perform that kind of examinations, the patient is referred to another specialist.

The cost of a visit is as per the price list on our website.

The waiting time for a private visit is up to a week. This time may be longer if the patient wants to see a particular specialist. The waiting time for a National Health Fund visit is according to the waiting list. Please call or e-mail us to appoint a specific date.

During the first visit, the doctor takes the patient’s ophthalmological history. If the patient has any ophthalmological documentation from other institutions, it is worth taking it to the visit.

Ophthalmological check-ups is an individual matter. The doctor usually informs the patient during the visit when he/she should return. Patients over 50 should have a check-up at least once a year.

If you received pupil-dilating drops at the visit, you must NOT drive a car directly after the visit. You should wait for about 2-3 hours.

Examination of eyelashes for demodex infestation

price from

50 PLN

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